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Stress Management Series

A 5-Part Series

If you want to help employees make stress management a lifelong habit, this series will get them started in the right direction. Through this cumulative series, employees will learn to recognize the signs of stress, how to manage it and be resilient, become aware of the negative effects of stress, and finally…practice simple stress-reduction techniques -- both mental and physical.

  • Teaches employees how to recognize, manage and understand how stress affects them
  • Reduces the manifestations of stress-related health and productivity problems
  • Saves the organization from employee burnout with proven techniques anyone can learn and use

This product does not have:
  • Sample Training Guide
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Stress Management Series

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With the guidance and knowledge from host, Dr. David Katz, employees will recognize, understand, deal with (or learn to avoid) the common stressors that enter our workday lives. Each of the four main programs includes everything you need for self-study or to put on a complete training course, including special behavioral change modules and handouts unique to the topic.

~ Recognizing Stress - Stress affects everyone. Yet most people fail to make the connection between their own stress and the onset of stress-related health problems like high blood pressure, recurrent colds, mood disorders and chronic pain. Viewers will learn to make this connection. This program follows four people who describe their difficulties with mood swings, disorganization, anger and insomnia and eventually come to understand the importance of managing stress. (15 minutes)

~ Managing Stress - After recognizing it, learn how to tackle stress in five easy steps: 1. Identify the source of your stress. 2. Eliminate or avoid stress whenever possible. 3. Rethink the stress you can't avoid. 4. Cope with the stress you can't rethink. 5. Seek support. Viewers will follow four people as they learn to use this simple formula to deal with the stress in their lives and work. (15 minutes)

~ Resilience: Mastering Stress - Now that you know what it is, wouldn't you like to let stress just roll right off your back? Wouldn't it be empowering to take criticism without being bothered by it? Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate clearly in difficult situations? Viewers will learn five resiliency skills that will help them deflect stress and communicate more effectively. They'll follow four people as they learn how to adapt, stay flexible, accept change, be proactive and bounce back from adversity. (14 minutes)

~ Stress, Weight Control & Emotional Eating - Stress can cause people to overeat and overeating can cause people to feel more stressed. It's a vicious cycle that, if left unchecked, can lead to health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Viewers will follow four people as they learn seven strategies for overcoming emotional eating and other manifestations of stress that are detrimental to their health. Dr. Katz gives practical advice on controlling weight without focusing specifically on dieting. (16 minutes)

Added Bonus!
~ Yoga @ Work - Now relaxation is only minutes away. Yoga instructor Michele Elliman teaches everyone how to do yoga -- right at their desk. Shoulders feel tight? Try the shoulder circles stretch. Neck feeling stiff? Learn to do neck rolls. Hips feel achy? Follow along with the hip-opening sequence. There are 14 one- to two-minute postures that you can do in sequence or one at a time. Learn to take an invigorating break at work that doesn't involve caffeine, time away from your desk, or calories added to your waistline. (25 minutes)

David L. Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP is Director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital, medical consultant for ABC News, and a health/nutrition columnist for The New York Times.

An AudioVision/StressStop.com Title


  • 5 videos, each on its own DVD: Recognizing Stress (15 minutes), Managing Stress (15 minutes), Resilience - Mastering Stress (14 minutes), Stress, Weight Control & Emotional Eating (16 minutes), Yoga at Work (16 minutes). All DVDs except "Yoga @ Work" also include a Behavioral Change module.
  • 4 Leader's Guides with reproducible Participant Handouts on disc (for all but "Yoga @ Work")
  • 4 PowerPoint Presentations on disc (for all but "Yoga @ Work")

Note: Though we recommend the Series as a complete stress management course, the individual titles can be purchased separately. Contact us at 1-800-421-0833 to place your order for anything less than the 5-part series.


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