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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

4 Causes of Ineffectiveness in Empowered Teams

Business training - Group ThinkTeam empowerment can prove to be completely ineffective and meaningless if an organization does not support empowerment with a few key factors:


Inadequate Investment in Training and Development: Training and development is an essential ingredient for the effectiveness of team empowerment so that the team is geared to take on the challenge of their new role. Without training the members to the standard they are expected to deliver it is unlikely the team will produce the results desired.


Inadequate Access to Information and Other Resources: Without access to the latest information an empowered team will not be able to make quick decisions. If they don’t have adequate financial, technological or human resources at their disposal then they can’t implement their decisions properly. Even technical experts within the company are an important resource. For example, if sales teams can invite company experts such as engineers who have direct knowledge of the product to important sales meetings, it might help them immensely in closing the deal. If they have access to a CRM database they can create better selling strategies and even design innovative sales approaches like upselling, cross selling or bundling.

Inadequate Guidelines on Empowerment: Empowerment requires a company to provide a framework within which the empowered team is allowed to act on its own. Inadequate guidelines can lead to ineffective unstable teams if they are given too much power without proper direction or control. It can lead to chaos and losses for the company when the team begins to make decisions that adversely affect the company. It is therefore essential to clearly establish the level of autonomy that the teams actually have. There has to be some amount of decision making scope and clear guidelines on the extent of power.

Inadequate Encouragement and Support: The senior manager has to be prepared to allow some of the decision making to be passed to the members of the team. In some cases this may actually be favored by the senior manager freeing him up to do other things. However, some managers may be reluctant to pass control or power to someone else, either though issues of control or a lack of trust in the teams ability. The senior manager has to be willing to give up a certain amount of control and display confidence and commitment in the team process and in the team’s ability to handle its new responsibility.

Empowered teams have been the rage in the corporate world since the nineties, and it is now proven that teams that are equipped to work on their own bring in greater efficiency.

The other facet of empowerment is the human angle – individuals on empowered teams feel greater satisfaction with their jobs. It’s a sense of importance and pride in doing your bit in the overall scheme of things that creates a sense of well being. It also helps people grow, think independently and explore their full potential.
Reprinted from Team Building, www.teambuildingportal.com

Training Solution- Groupthink: Sometimes teamwork isn’t so empowering if everyone is headed in the wrong direction. This video uses the example of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster to illustrate why it’s important to speak your mind.   View Trailer or Full Length Preview

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