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The Employee Awareness Series

Imagine a workplace productive and sustainable... Image efficient and energized coworkers and thinking outside the box. Positive change comes from a shift in attitude and a broadening of perspective. Designed to provoke thought, reflection, and an awareness to change and improve one's work habits, this set of 24 videos can open the door and widen the view for all of your employees to nurture their own work habits and responsibilities in contributing to your organization.

  • Increases employee productivity through improvement of work habits and relationships
  • Enhances training with vivid, insightful and thought provoking presentations
  • Provides a versatile library of topics for as-needed training for individuals and groups

Download sample training guide
Includes sample pages from the leader's guide and participant materials.

The Employee Awareness Series

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This newer update of The Employee Awareness Series, includes additional titles that reinforce positive self-image, personal responsibility, and open communication with coworkers. Each title has been re-worked and expanded with additional training points to reveal valuable techniques that will increase awareness, efficiency and productivity. The entire library is something you'll want to have on hand for use when a need arises. Whether you have new employees for orientation or an established team where individuals, or all, need to be reminded of procedures and positive attitudes in the workplace, these unique videos get the message across with impact. A viewer with a problem will know they are not alone and can change. A viewer without a problem will become aware and compassionate for the viewer with the problem.

The series is comprised of 24 different videos grouped on 8 DVDs that address different themes and aspects of workplace relationships, awareness or protocol. Each individual video addresses the employee with stimulating visuals and comes with its own training guide for facilitation or self-study. As a whole or individually, these videos will promote positive self-image and motivation while reinforcing team building skills and business solutions.

~ Attitude
  • Essential to the Team - Explore the qualities that comprise a great team player (15:50)
  • Open to Change - See how the most difficult changes can produce positive results. (16:35)
  • Rid the Habit of Worrying - Anxiety? Control? Think logically as well as challenge thoughts and beliefs. (16:25)

  • ~ Behavior
  • Sexual Harassment - Recognize the behavioral "do's" and "don'ts" and the effects of harassment. (18:00)
  • Shades of Gossip - Observe the negative impact of gossip in the workplace, and how to handle it. (17:45)
  • The Worker and the Bully - Understand harmful traits and how to handle a bully in the workplace. (15:10)

  • ~ Communication
  • Cell Phones: Use and Misuse - How to avoid the negative side of cell phone use with effective policies. (17:45)
  • Excellence in Customer Service - Understand that your persona reflects the heart of the organization. (18:05)
  • What Is In a Written or Spoken Word - Learn ways to be an effective communicator (14:30)

  • ~ Emotions
  • Unfortunate Effects of Fear - How fears are developed and affect a workplace, overcoming phobias. (23:05)
  • Unfortunate Effects of Anger - Facts and myths, how anger can affect health, how to manage anger. (20:30)
  • Unfortunate Effects of Lies - History of lying, how it affects relationships, ways to eliminate lying. (19:15)

  • ~ Orientation
  • Go Green, Save Green - Conserving resources, save money for the organization, improving the environment. (15:50)
  • Right Attitude, Right Results - Mindsets and belief systems, how a sensitive employee is respectful of others. (28:05)
  • The Successful Orientation - A new-employee orientation program on what to expect, and what is expected. (14.10)

  • ~ Safety & Health
  • Awareness is a Choice - Recognize safety hazards that exist in the workplace and how they can be costly. (14:40)
  • Creating a Healthy Outlook - Shows how workplace wellness makes good business sense. (15:25)
  • The Key to Good Ergonomics - How to properly arrange your workspace and reduce Cumulative Disorders. (14:50)

  • ~ Time Management
  • Managing Ourselves in a Timely Manner - Shows the difference between being busy and being productive. (22:17)
  • Meeting the Criteria for a Meeting - Invaluable techniques and standards to ensure a successful meeting. (20:15)
  • Relax, Rejoin, Refocus: 2 Minute Break - The difference between good stress and unhealthy stress, the art of de-stressing while working. (15:00)

  • ~ Workplace Essentials
  • Habits and the Considerate Coworker - Check the list to see if you have habits that affect others. (16:00)
  • Interviewing for a Job, Career or Promotion - Presenting yourself and standing out from other applicants. (17:00)
  • Violence in the Workplace - Learn how to protect each other and diffuse potentially violent situations. (21:05)

  • It is important to see the series as a whole for two reasons:
    • First, the series will increase employee understanding on fundamentals of good business practice.
    • Second, it can uncover areas the manager hadn't realized were roadblocks to productivity and results.

    A PowerSplash Project Title


    • 8 DVDs with the videos, grouped by the themes and their included titles:

    • ~ Attitude
    • Essential to the Team (15:50)
    • Open to Change (16:35)
    • Rid the Habit of Worrying (11:40)

    • ~ Behavior
    • Sexual Harassment (18:00)
    • Shades of Gossip (17:45)
    • The Worker and the Bully (15:10)

    • ~ Communication
    • Cell Phones: Use and Misuse (17:45)
    • Excellence in Customer Service (18:05)
    • What Is In a Written or Spoken Word (14:30)

    • ~ Emotions
    • Unfortunate Effects of Fear (23:05)
    • Unfortunate Effects of Anger (20:30)
    • Unfortunate Effects of Lies (19:15)

    • ~ Orientation
    • Go Green, Save Green (15:50)
    • Right Attitude, Right Results (28:05)
    • The Successful Orientation (14.10)

    • ~ Safety & Health
    • Awareness is a Choice (14:40)
    • Creating a Healthy Outlook (15:25)
    • The Key to Good Ergonomics (14:50)

    • ~ Time Management
    • Managing Ourselves in a Timely Manner (22:17)
    • Meeting the Criteria for a Meeting (20:15)
    • Relax, Rejoin, Refocus: 2 Minute Break (15:00)

    • ~ Workplace Essentials
    • Habits and the Considerate Coworker (16:00)
    • Interviewing for a Job, Career or Promotion (17:00)
    • Violence in the Workplace (21:05)

    • 8 additional DVD Data Discs with each of the titles in "course style"
    • downloadable Training Guides and reproducible Participant Quizzes

    Note: An individual theme (3 titles) can be purchased for $349.00 each. The series or themes can also be licensed for unlimited use on your organization's Intranet or company computers. Contact your CRM Learning Sales Consultant to place your order for anything less than the entire series.


    Here are the Top Ten reasons to consider The Employee Awareness Series:

    10) A full employee training program with a licensing option to post the 18 titles on your intranet.
    9) Emphasizes attitude, organization, efficiency, dependability and responsibility.
    8) Educates the viewer to the intricacies of good business practices.
    7) Illustrates how an unseen problem might be the roadblock to a more cohesive system.
    6) Teaches innovative techniques that can be quickly implemented.
    5) Increases employee productivity through awareness of work habits and relationships.
    4) Reduces training time with short, insightful and thought-provoking presentations.
    3) Shows how everyone is truly a customer deserving of respect and excellent service.
    2) Includes an easy-to-use training guide with options for presentation.
    1) Proves that profit is not by accident when you have well-trained employees.

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