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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

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Training Success Story – Positive Discipline

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Success in The WorkplaceThe Problem: A  healthcare facility with 3,300 employees was having a problem with “problem employees.” Supervisors needed powerful tools to provide more effective feedback and facilitate productive performance reviews, even when the going got tough.

The Solution: Positive Discipline— a workshop utilizing the CRM Learning video and accompanying materials –gave supervisors a solid foundation for formulating their own personalized, 30-day action plans for handling difficult situations and giving better performance evaluations.

The Success Story: Trainers wanted supervisors within the organization to be more confident in their abilities to conduct effective performance discussions and provide constructive discipline. The key was learning techniques to focus on the problem behaviors – not the personalities.

The hospital conducted 15 training sessions lasting three hours each. In the first phase, participants shared past stories of performance and discipline, and the characteristics of effective and not-so-effective feedback.

Then, the Positive Discipline video was shown. After a post-film debrief, each participant prepared for and conducted a performance discussion using techniques from the video. Finally, participants composed a 30-day action plan that detailed how each supervisor would put Positive Discipline techniques into action on the job. Students paired up with a buddy, who once the class was over and the 30-day plan enacted, would follow up to see how things were going.

“I’ve been involved in training for over 30 years and am very impressed with this film,’’ one training leader said. “It’s practical, up to date and very easy to follow. The accompanying role-playing activities make it easy for students to just ‘get it’ very quickly.’’

To learn more about Positive Discipline or watch the full program, visit: http://www.media-partners.com/performance_management/positive_discipline.htm

Training Success Story: CRM’s “Positive Discipline” Exceeds Expectations

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The ROE Report Results: A recent “Return on Expectation” (ROE) study for CRM’s popular training video Positive Discipline has shown that customers love the program’s simplicity and practical advice for turning a negative and dreaded part of work life, into something ultimately positive.

Customer expectations with Positive Discipline were met or exceeded more than 90 percent of the time, the study found. Both individuals and organizations have rated their experience as “highly satisfactory” in an independently-conducted study.

About the Video: Positive Discipline takes a common-sense, non-adversarial approach to one of the toughest parts of being a manager or supervisor. What’s usually a nightmare becomes an opportunity – the key is putting the ownership of the solution in the hands of the employee. This performance-based program offers practical, step-by-step methods for overcoming problem behaviors.

Survey Methodology: A variety of clients participated in the survey, from business, education non-profit and government sectors. Interviews lasted 30 minutes each, and each client was told that answers would be anonymous and aggregated into a central database in order to ensure unbiased feedback.

Training expectations: Training frequency varied widely – some clients reported using the program once every three to four months for managers and supervisors; others six times a year as part of a leadership training program, and one client uses it regularly as part of an ongoing supervisory program for all managers.

“I wanted scenarios, examples and I wanted a methodology to handle discipline situations”, one client said. The program delivered with a practical, step-by-step process. One client specifically mentioned the “journaling” process that was particularly helpful with tardiness and attendance issues. “Managers now have specifics when talking to employees.”

Most clients reported purchasing the program simply to help managers and supervisors deal with difficult situations. “They were struggling with this,” one participant said. “They don’t want to feel like the bad guy.”

Clients especially liked the program’s performance-based methodology. “We wanted something that provided a solid outcome.” Other respondents praised the program’s adaptability, saying the complete package provided solutions for managers and supervisors on a variety of levels.

How Behavior Changed: “After the last class, several managers in operations e-mailed me saying they’d been able to handle the difficult situations they’ve been dealing with,” one client reported. “Our front-line supervisors have used the skills from the program and reported it working well – they found it much less adversarial.”

One participant said the program was especially helpful for first-time managers. “It has the potential to reduce employee litigation, improve morale and reduce turnover,” another client thought.

And everyone agreed on this comment: “Anecdotally I have heard that it saves time and a lot of trouble – we’re learning to deal with things before they completely explode.”

View Trailer or Full Length Preview of Positive Discipline


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