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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Posts Tagged ‘delegating’

Knowledge Transfer: Why it’s important, and how it’s done

Monday, June 29th, 2015

“It’s easier to just do it myself.” Have you ever heard that said? And be honest: have you ever said it?

It can feel true. Teaching what you know takes time and energy that are hard to spare from the everyday demands of your job. And teaching what you know isn’t part of most people’s job descriptions. So why not just do it (whatever “it” is) yourself, rather than teaching someone else?

There are many reasons – and here are three questions to consider if you’ve been saying “it’s easier to do it myself.” (more…)

Worksheet: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Task

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

This exercise from CRM Learning gives participants a chance to use a series of questions to explore and understand the scope and requirements for a project. This worksheet can be a great guideline for ‘making sure they understand’ any future tasks they take on.

Instructions: Think about a project you’ve recently been assigned, or a task you’ll be taking on soon. Use the questions below to make sure you understand the task before you begin. (more…)

How to Keep Things Going While You’re Away: Leadership Case Study

Monday, November 15th, 2010

When You’re Out, Is Your Team Able to Function Without You?

The best leaders train and empower their team so others can step up and move projects ahead without hesitation in the leader’s absence. Here is a case study that can help leaders and managers think through the preparation, training and delegation necessary to be away from the office, using a very realistic scenario. (more…)

Avoiding Delegation Disaster

Monday, April 19th, 2010

When delegation isn’t done properly, there can be high costs to both the organization and the individuals involved. Don’t let that happen to you!

Ensuring a successful delegation requires that you fully define/analyze the task ahead of time and think about what will be required of the person to whom it’s assigned. Each of the following should be considered before assigning anything to anyone.

1. What is the task?
-Be sure you can be specific about the task and have all the information you need to help your “delegatee” succeed at it.
-Know why this project needs to be done and why you want to delegate it.
-Know any issues that will have to be analyzed or resolved before the task can be delegated.

2.When is it due?
-Have a specific deadline, and know the consequences of missing it.
-Know how the task might be affected by outside factors, such as upstream tasks that may fall behind schedule.

3.What resources are available?
-Know what supporting resources are available – personnel, documents, etc.
-Be aware of any budgetary constraints on the task.

4. What is the outcome or deliverable?
-What are you looking for as a result – a report, a presentation?
-Figure out how you will measure success.

5. Who is the best person for this task?
-Think about the specific skills and experience that will be required.
-Consider the attitude that will be needed.
-Look at your team – whose skills fit the bill? Who has have the right attitude?
-Once you’ve picked the person, determine if they need any additional training.

Use of these questions will greatly eliminate misunderstandings and misconceptions about the task to be performed and the expected outcomes.

Excerpted from the CRM Learning program, A Leader’s Guide to Delegating.

Need more help in this area? For detailed information on this crucial step in the delegation process (along with several others) we recommend the entire A Leader’s Guide to Delegating program which introduces and illustrates a highly effective five-step delegation model.


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