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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Posts Tagged ‘bullying’

Bullying Role Play – Speaking Up for Yourself

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Activity Time: 20 minutes

• Divide into small groups of 4 – 6
• Determine who will be Mary (bully) and who will be the victim
• Review and prep: 7 minutes
• Practice speaking up: 5 minutes
• Switch and review roles: 3 minutes
• Practice speaking up: 5 minutes

Facts:bullying role play
You are a senior-level employee, and you have been employed at your organization for over two years. As a result of a merger, a new Executive Director (Mary) has been named. On her first day, Mary sent out a memo highlighting her background and educational experience. Many of you noticed that although she had over 15 years of experience in management, she did not hold an advanced degree.

Ever since Mary has been assigned to oversee your department, she has consistently bullied most of the senior-level employees. (more…)

Bullying in the Workplace

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Harassment in the workplaceBullying is a hot topic of interest these days. It has lately been the the subject of documentaries, numerous books, and often comes into play when young kids and teenagers use social media. But does bullying actually happen in an adult workplace? You bet it does.

Bullying goes by many names; sometimes it can be blanketed under the general “harassment” term but anyone who has ever been bullied knows it is much more than that. In fact, it is estimated that bullying in the workplace is four times more prevalent than ordinary harassment. The excellent training video Preventing Workplace Bullying illustrates that bullying is every worker’s responsibility and shows how to recognize such antagonistic behavior.


Differences Between Bullying and Harassment – Handout

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

It is important to clearly understand that 80% of the time, behavior that is considered bullying is NOT illegal. But even though legal action cannot be taken, bullying is a very serious issue and still requires action from employees who witness it or are victims.  If you are not clear where the line is between harassment and bullying, speaking up isn’t easy. Knowing where that line is begins by reviewing this handout. (more…)

How to Deal With a Bully Boss

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Bullying is bad enough when it’s done by a peer, but what do you do if the bully is your superior? How do you tell the difference between a demanding boss and a bully, and when should you go to HR? Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley, bestselling authors of Working With You is Killing Me, and Working For You Isn’t Working for Me, weigh in on these tough questions, in video blog format. (more…)

Bullies at Work

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Workplace bullying is a growing international problem. It is more than a one-time incident. It is a pattern of behavior between a bully and another worker which can demoralize, isolate and trigger illness in the target of the bully. What is bullying? Who does it? Is it increasing? What can you do to protect yourself? And what can employers do to promote a safe environment for employees? This short article attempts to answer some of these key questions. (more…)


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