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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

3 Interpersonal Skills You Can Learn from Employee Training Videos

There are employee training videos available on every topic relevant to working in an organization – from safety to sexual harassment, from leadership to customer service. Some of the most compelling and effective business training videos teach interpersonal skills using emotionally-engaging, realistic workplace situations.

Salesteam in front of computer

Here are three interpersonal skills you can learn from employee training videos.

Team Building

You don’t have to go to the wilderness and ride a zipline with your co-workers to build good teamwork; you can gain all the skills you need with a great team building training video. There are programs on every aspect of teams: group dynamics, achieving team goals, decision-making in a team, holding effective team meetings, leading teams, and many other topics.

Teams are comprised of unique individuals, each with their own personal and professional background, and style of problem-solving and communication. This can make it hard for everyone to get along and get work done efficiently. But teamwork videos will teach your employees that it’s not necessary to assimilate everyone to the same preferences and styles in order to get work done; instead, team members should be encouraged to utilize self-awareness, honesty with other team members, mutual respect, trust, and flexibility when working in a team. In this way, individual diversity becomes the essential building block of a synergistic, high-performing team.

For recommended Teambuilding skills videos, check out: Teambuilding: What Makes a Great Team Player, We’re on the Same Team, Remember? and The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.


Another interpersonal skill that can be learned from employee training videos is communication. We can’t be effective at work unless we can clearly and comfortably talk to one another about what needs to be done and how to do it. But, over the course of our work (and personal) lives, we fall into bad communication habits. Using a communication skills video can help teach employees to recognize how their communication behavior affects others and take steps to be more clear and proactive on both sides of every conversation.

Communication skills video recommendation: Communication Counts: Speaking and Listening for Results. Also, The Communication Toolkit.


In our highly connected, global economy, we can lose business to a competitor (or have our agency or organization slandered on social media) in the blink of an eye. All this means that we have to work extra hard at being accountable – to our customers, to our owners, and to the person at the next desk or workstation. We need to take ownership of our work, commit to doing it right and on time, and make sure to help our co-workers succeed at their own tasks. Employee training videos on personal accountability teach behaviors like doing what you say you’re going to do, taking initiative to solve problems and your own conflicts, and not making excuses when things go wrong.

For recommended accountability training videos, check out Can We Count on You? and Accountability that Works!

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