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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

How The Power Of Words Can Change The Dynamic of Your Workplace

Words are powerful – they can be weapons of conflict and confusion, or tools for encouragement, clarity and harmony – and effective communication_skillscommunication skills training can help any team wield words in a way that benefits both team members and the whole organization. If your team struggles from occasional negativity, disagreements, miscommunication, or problems with morale, plan some communication skills training soon to learn how changing your words can change the dynamic of your work.

CRM Learning offers numerous communication skills videos that help teams communicate more clearly and respectfully, whether in front of a group, one-on-one, in person, or electronically. Using techniques like choosing clear language, being a receptive, empathic listener, and showing people you value their input all reinforce the power that word choices have on your work environment.

Choose Clear Language

Many times communication breaks down because we fail to say exactly what we mean. The failure to be precise and thorough can result in a misunderstanding, at worst, or at best, can eat up time because the listener has to ask follow-up questions to decipher our meaning. While there ARE occasions when it’s socially polite to be indirect, we need to know how to speak directly, clearly and openly in most workplace situations. This requires knowing the objective of the conversation, and using precise language to obtain it.

Be an Empathic Listener

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the word choices that will help you most are either choosing NOT to speak, or using words to enhance your listening. Empathic listening requires you to listen to others with the intent to understand them, not to reply. When you are preparing your response as you “listen” to others instead of really trying to understand them, your focus is on YOUR needs, not the speaker’s. Conversely, when you listen for real understanding, you set aside your opinions while you’re listening, so your mind is clear enough to hear what is really being said. This results in greater clarity, better solutions to complex problems, and faster problem solving.

Show People You Value Their Input

Another way communication skills training can help you use words to change the dynamic of your workplace is by teaching employees to communicate respectfully and inclusively (even during disagreements). Using phrases like, “I’d like to hear what you think about this,” or “Who here has a different opinion?” helps you show your co-workers that their ideas and input are valued. When in an argument, go out of your way to remain respectful: tone things down, listen, and look for a solution.

Communication skills videos from CRM Learning can help you and your organization employ the power of words to change your workplace dynamic. Verbal Communication breaks successful verbal communication into 5 critical components. The Power of Words is a short meeting opener video that gets right to the heart of communication that works, inspiring people to choose their words carefully. And Empathic Listening, featuring Stephen Covey, gives practical tips you can incorporate immediately into daily conversations to ensure that you are listening with the intent to understand.

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