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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

3 Reasons CRM Learning Provides the Best Customer Service Training Videos on the Market

Providing excellent customer service is first and foremost for any business. The customer service training you provide, and the abilities your staff demonstrates day in and day out, are a reflection of your company. Training your employees in the art of customer service is critical and will help tremendously in the long run.  Customer service videos are– and have always been– a highly effective way to conduct this type of training.

Here are 3 Reasons CRM Learning Provides the Best Customer Service Training Videos:


CRM Learning has a 40+ year track record of success in this topic area! Our video,  Remember Me?  (originally released in 1983– now in its 3rd edition) was one of the first training videos ever  to capture what it feels like to be a loyal customer receiving bad service from a company you thought cared about you.  The most poignant part of the video is that it shows how customers often do not complain…but they do win in the end because they take their business elsewhere.   Our ground-breaking video, It’s a Dog’s World, provides the same message in a healthcare-specific environment.  Over the years, the success stories we’ve heard from customers who’ve trained with Remember Me and It’s a Dog’s World have compelled us to remain passionate about providing customer service training videos that are emotionally engaging, memorable and effective.    In addition to our own productions, we carry top-selling customer service videos from numerous other producers.

In-depth Topic Coverage

We get that customer service is a very broad topic. There are many competencies and skills that fall under the “customer service” umbrella.  Besides offering videos that make employees aware of the importance of satisfying customers, we offer videos that teach specific skills, like: solving customer problems, listening to the customer, making sure you maintain a positive attitude when serving customers, dealing with difficult customers, dealing with disappointed or angry customers,  communicating with diverse customers, and so on.

Product Knowledge

We know our stuff and we know that every organization has different needs when it comes to video training.  Because of that, we make sure we have offerings for all types of industries, different levels of service provider, and different video styles.  Working within your designated budget and delivery methods, we will find you the video best suited to the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Experience, Topic Coverage and Product Knowledge are three reasons CRM Learning provides the best customer service training videos on the market. Get started and find out how these videos can improve your company internally and externally.

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