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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Using SMART Goals Every Day

Goal Setting Training VideosAre there things you know are good for you, but that you don’t always actually do?
Be honest! You know… flossing… exercising… eating more veggies… and creating SMART goals.

Yes, SMART goals: goals that are:
Specific: you know exactly what you’re going to do and why it’s important.
Measurable: you know how to tell when you’ve met the goal.
Achievable: you have (or can get) the resources needed to accomplish the goal on time
Relevant: the goal is directly related to the objectives of your job.
Timed: you know when you need to be finished.

We often assume the SMART goal process is only for big projects or for setting objectives during our annual performance review. But why not use the process even for small tasks?

For example: Say your sales department requests from you a schedule of upcoming promotional events. Turning this request into a SMART goal…you would need to think the following through BEFORE you begin.

How will the sales people be using the schedule? What format would help them—a printed calendar page they could keep on their desk? an electronic file? a webpage?

What level of detail do the salespeople need for each promotion?

Do you have what you need to create the deliverable they’re asking for (eg information on the promotions, skills and technology to create the type of deliverable needed)

When, exactly, does the team need the schedule? How long do you estimate it will take to create it?

Will this task pull you off other tasks that may be more important? (And, if so, are you even the right person to be doing it?)

When you use SMART goals consistently, for large, medium, and even small objectives, you’ll:

  •          Create clarity and focus;
  •          Know how to prioritize;
  •          Get your work done right the first time; and
  •          Become known for being accountable and reliable, and following through on your commitments with quality results.

And who wouldn’t want to have a reputation for being so … smart?

Recommended training resource: The video program Can We Count On You?  takes viewers through ten practical, easy-to-adopt behaviors that anyone can begin doing to increase their effectiveness and become more accountable.

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