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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Your Personal Brand Starter Kit: Design Yourself and Become Essential

What does the term “personal brand” make you think of?

You might feel that it’s a rather self-centered concept, perhaps more “all about ME” than you’re comfortable with.

But what if personal branding is actually about knowing and understanding yourself so well that you’ll naturally reach for a higher, more rewarding standard?  And what if that meant you’d also be happier and provide more value to your employer?

At the “10,000 foot level,” having a personal brand is about:
1.    Becoming comfortable acknowledging – owning – your own skills, and
2.    Proactively defining the value you add to the organization that employs you.

And in these uncertain times, when we have to consistently – not to mention constantly – demonstrate our value to the organization, personal branding is exactly what we all need if we are to be considered essential to our employers.

John JensonIn our featured training video, Make it Matter, John Jensen talks about exactly how to build your brand and why Design is one of three key components you must develop to become essential.

But how do you design yourself, and what in the world does “design” mean when it’s applied to a person? After all, you’re already equipped with a lot of things you can’t change – physical characteristics such as eye color, height, and so on, as well as your natural talents and abilities.

To design yourself, you must know yourself and become clear about how you want people to experience you. What do you want to be remembered for? How do you want people to think of you, and in what ways should they consider you to be essential?

These questions are important not just for you as an individual, but for the success of your organization as a whole. When everyone on a team, a department, and in the entire company can answer these questions, success lies within our grasp.

To help you form your answers, individually or as a group, we’ve created an excerpt from the full-length Make it Matter Personal Branding Workbook. This worksheet will walk you through the steps of Designing yourself to become essential.

Make it Matter video clipAnd you can see the segment on this question of exceptional, essential design from the video Make it Matter by clicking here.

We invite you to use these resources as part of a team-building exercise, and we’d be interested to hear about your experience.  Please leave your comments below!


Recommended training resource:  Make it Matter is a powerful, no-holds-barred depiction of how to create exceptional value and define yourself as essential to your organization. If you’ve been trying to find ways to engage your employees in their own success (thereby creating success for the organization), this is the program you’ve been looking for.

Additional reading: Fortune magazine, July 30 2010:  “Building your brand (and keeping your job)” uses case studies to show how building a personal brand impacts individual and corporate success – and demonstrates the ways that it can go wrong when it’s done from a too self-centered perspective.

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