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CRM Learning, Media Partners, Prositions and Vivid Edge Combined Sale

For Federal Government Customers:
August 1 through September 30, 2018: Save big when you purchase multiple copies/titles of any CRM Learning, Media Partners, Prositions and/or Vivid Edge programs on DVD or USB Key. This special sale* allows you to buy across these four great producers' product lines.

The first copy/title will be at 10% off, and additional copies/titles will be at 25% off.
Note: Discounting will not appear in the shopping cart...we'll apply it when we process your order.
* This special can only be given to Federal Government and Military customers.
  • Orders must be placed by September 30.
  • The highest priced title will be discounted 10%, others at 25%.
  • Titles on this sale must be produced by CRM Learning, Media Partners, Prositions or Vivid Edge.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or special offers.
  • Discounting will be applied when we process your order and will be reflected on your paid invoice from Media Partners/CRM Learning.
Are you wanting online streaming delivery?
We'll discount your streaming order 10%. For more information, call us at 1-800-421-0833 or 1-800-408-5657.

CRM Learning, Media Partners, Prositions and Vivid Edge programs are listed below.
Browse through the many topics and click through to read more and preview online.

Leadership Skills
Abilene Paradox
Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders
Covey Leadership Library, 5 Video Set
Leaders of Character: Leadership-The West Point Way
Leadership and Self-Deception
Leadership Pickles
Leading By Example
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results: True Stories of Great Leadership
Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership, 4 Video Set
Tell Me a Story: A Powerful Way to Inspire Action

Management / Supervision
After All You're the Supervisor
A Leader's Guide to Delegating
Manager Moments: How to Build a High-Performing Team
Manager Moments: How to Excel in Tricky Situations
Manager Moments: Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts
Max & Max
Respectful Supervisor 2-Video Set
Respectful Supervisor: Integrity and Inclusion
Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees
Supervisor Toolkit
The Sid Story

Coaching & Performance
Curse of the Vanishing Employees
Discussing Performance
Fairness Factor: How to Manage Performance & Discipline
It's Okay to Be the Boss
Keeping the Good Ones
Not Everyone Gets a Trophy
Painless Performance Conversations
Painless Performance Improvement
Positive Discipline
Practical Coach 2
Pygmalion Effect: Managing the Power of Expectations
When the Coach is You!

Teamwork & Team Building
5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
A Grander Goal
Magic of We
Meeting Robbers
Mining Group Gold
Power of Future Conversation
Team Building: What Makes a Good Team Player?
Team Building: What Makes a Good Team Player?, Manufacturing Version
Team Creativity
Teamwork in Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232
The Unified Team
We're on the Same Team, Remember?

Harassment & Respect
Complete Respectful Workplace, 4 Video Set
"How Was Your Day?" Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying
In This Together
Let's Get Honest / He Said She Said
Preventing Workplace Bullying
Respectful Workplace Basics - 2 Video Set
Respectful Workplace: It Starts With You
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better Series
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better, Employee Version
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better, Manager Version
You Need To Know: Sexual Harassment is Illegal

Government Specific
Accountability Toolkit, Government Version
Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace, Government Version
Customer Service Recovery for Government: The Right Words at the Right Time
An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy, Government Version
Other Side of The Window: Providing Exceptional Service in Government
Power of Future Conversation, Government Version
Team Building: What Makes a Good Team Player?, Government Version
When the Coach is You!, Government Version

Accountability That Works!
Accountability Toolkit
Can We Count on You?: Why Accountability Matters

Ethics 4 Everyone
Law of the Harvest
Moment of Truth

Customer Service / Sales
6 Principles to Negotiate Anything
The Art of Networking
Cliff's Customer Service Adventure
The Competitive Edge
Customer Service Recovery for Business: The Right Words at the Right Time
Customer Service Recovery for Leisure & Hospitality: The Right Words at the Right Time
Customer Service Recovery for Retail: The Right Words at the Right Time
Customer Service Toolkit
Difficult Guest, Full Package
Employee's Guide to Customer Loyalty
Fun is Good!
Give 'Em the Pickle
The Guest, 2nd Edition
How To Connect in Business ...in 90 seconds or less
An Invisible Man Meets The Mummy
Mad About Customer Service
Remember Me
Remember Me, Hospitality Version
WAYMISH - Why Are You Making It So Hard... for me to give you my money?
We're In The Band - The Paperboys
What Do You Say?
What's Your Pickle?

Change Management
Leadership and the New Science
Lessons From the New Workplace
Race Without a Finish Line
Riding the Wave: Strategies for Change
Taking Charge of Change, Revised Edition
Tearing Down Walls

Organizational Development
A Better Way
The Clarity Imperative: How Getting Everyone on the Same Page...
Time: The Next Dimension of Quality
The Goal: How-To Version

Employee Development
Impressions Count
Journey To Discovery
Make It Matter: How to Make Yourself and Your Organization Essential
Managing Stress
Start Right...Stay Right: Orientation Basics
Time Challenged

Communication Skills
Being Assertive
Communicating Non-Defensively
Communication Counts: Speaking & Listening for Results
Communication Toolkit
Communication: The Nonverbal Agenda
Emotional Intelligence
I Know Just What You Mean
Nobody's Listening
Power of Listening
Respectful Communicator: The Part You Play
Speaking Effectively to One or One-Thousand
Verbal Communication: The Power of Words

Conflict in the Workplace
Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace
Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace, Workforce Edition
Dealing With Conflict
Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN
What To Do When Conflict Happens
Working With You Is Killing Me

Workplace Violence
Getting Real About Workplace Violence

Managing Diversity
Peacock in the Land of Penguins
Pigeonholed in The Land of Penguins
More Than a Gut Feeling IV

Human Resources & Talent Development
Actions Speak! - Behavior-based Interviewing
Fairness Factor, 3-Part Series
Fairness Factor: How to Recruit, Interview & Hire
Fairness Factor: Managing Termination
More Than a Gut Feeling IV

Healthcare Specific
Communication in Healthcare
Customer Service Recovery for Healthcare: The Right Words at the Right Time
Dealing With Conflict, Healthcare Version
General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied...
Healthcare Toolkit, Volume 1
Healthcare Toolkit, Volume 2
Healthcare Toolkit, Volumes 1 and 2
How To Connect In Healthcare...in 90 seconds or less
An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy, Healthcare Version
It's a Dog's World
Patient Diversity: Beyond the Vital Signs
Taking Charge of Change, Healthcare Version
Team Building: What Makes a Good Team Player?, Healthcare Version
When the Coach is You!, Healthcare Version

Telephone Skills
Attitude Is Everything
Call of The Mummy
Customers With A Difference
It's Your Call
Just A Call Away Series
The Outbound Call
Really Angry Customer

Meeting Openers
And When You Fall...
Father and Son
Flight 232: The Power of Teamwork
Is "Good" Enough?
Jump! Meeting Opener
Magic of We - Session Starter
Power of Expectations: The Pygmalion Effect, Educator's Cut
Power of Words, Meeting Opener
Priorities for Life, a 6 Part Series
Priorities for Life: Capacity & Energy
Priorities for Life: Change
Priorities for Life: Excelling in a Changing World
Priorities for Life: Leadership
Priorities for Life: Priorities
Priorities for Life: Reaching the Next Level and Beyond
Sound of Service Meeting Opener and Closer
Stress Is A Gift
Value of Time, Meeting Opener or Closer

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For Federal Government Customers.
SAM Registration: Active
Expiration: 03/30/2019 Cage Code: 0C9A3

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