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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Posts Tagged ‘Clear Communication’

Free Training Activity: There’s a Time and Place

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

To the training group, say: Let’s think about some of the more frequent and important interactions we have with others on our team.

The There’s a Time and Place worksheet lists seven common communication situations. Enter short tips or good practices for that task in the Best When, Best Where, and Best How columns.

Leader’s Note: Add your own list of situations to column one if you want to expand the activity. Be sure to add situations that involve both supervisors and employees, as well as peer-to-peer interactions. (more…)

An Easy Step for Improving Communication Immediately

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

commcounts_trailerThe way in which a message is delivered is just as important as the words we choose. In fact, the way we deliver a message is a significant component of the message’s overall impact.

Imagine this:
•    You receive an invitation to a formal wedding by text message.
•    A friend sends a ceremonial notice, complete with embossed text and heavy, lined envelope, about a kitten she’s adopted.
•    Your boss emails you to inform you that you’ve been laid off and your team is being reassigned to other departments.

It’s obvious that these are examples of a mismatch between the means of conveying the message and the content of the message.

It’s probably also obvious that this mismatch will cause confusion and, in the case of the third example, significant distress.  Of course, these are extremes. (more…)

How Good Workplace Communication Improves Employee Morale

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

105Many of us have experienced the negative effects of poor communication in the workplace. When information is transferred insufficiently or inaccurately, workplace productivity goes down. In the worst cases, crucial tasks do not get done and goals are not met.

The good news is that the opposite is also true. Good workplace communication can have positive effects on performance including increased productivity, higher employee morale, repeat business,  improved employee retention, and a healthier work environment overall.

There are many factors that  impact communication—both positively and negatively. But before we explore them, let’s first take a look at what good communication is.

What is Good Workplace Communication?

At its most  basic level, communication is defined as the transfer of information from a sender to a receiver.  Eliminating “noise”, reaching mutual understanding, and “feeding back” are all essential to good communication.

“Noise” is any interference that negatively impacts the information that is being sent or received. Noise in a simple workplace conversation may be literal noise (such as the sound of loud equipment) that causes one person to miss part of what the other is saying because they can’t hear. It can also be something subtle, such as when the listener doesn’t entirely hear the other person because they’re distracted by their own thoughts.  Good listening is essential to effective communication!



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