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Infographic: Don’t Get So Defensive!

May 15th, 2016

We’ve all witnessed (or experienced) defensiveness in the workplace.

Person 1 takes Person 2’s  comments the wrong way and — perceiving he is under attack — issues a counterattack.  Person 2  feels hurt or threatened by Person 1’s response and says something negative back. Additional counterattacks are exchanged as the individuals become increasingly determined to defend themselves and justify their actions.

Don't Get So Defensive Infographic

CRM’s classic communication tutorial Communicating Non-Defensively: Don’t Take it Personally explains what can make people defensive while demonstrating practical communication skills for nipping it in the bud.

We’ve summarized some of the content in this infographic (opens a PDF). We hope you find it useful.

How Can Emotional Intelligence Videos Improve My Team?

May 6th, 2016

ei_aluminum04When they think about building team effectiveness, most people don’t think of Emotional Intelligence (or “EI”) training because EI training typically focuses on the individual not the group. But, increasing the emotional intelligence of individual team members will ultimately improve a group’s effectiveness and enable them to use the power of emotion in their pursuit of organizational goals.

As humans, we all have our “blind spots” at work—areas where we over-react, or repeatedly make the same mistakes when dealing with certain co-workers or situations. In a team setting, these disruptive behaviors can undermine trust, respect and collaboration.

By helping team members develop the 5 Emotional Intelligence Competencies, you can build a cohesive team that works together and is less likely to fall prey to dysfunction. These five competencies are Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Self-Motivation, Empathy, and Effective Relationships.   

The basic premise of EI Training is that people can change.  Employees can develop these competencies and become:

  • more self-aware (and have a better sense of their “blind spots” and what to do about them). 
  • better able to regulate their emotions, specifically learning how to cool down in times of anger and frustration instead of venting or taking it out on others.   
  • inspired to use the positive aspects of emotion to remain motivated… especially in the face of setbacks or challenges
  • more empathic towards others
  • more successful at building positive, respectful workplace relationship

With the help our Emotional Intelligence videos provide, you can create a more pleasant, safe and collaborative work environment for your entire organization.

More About Our Emotional Intelligence Videos and How They Can Help Your Team

The Emotional Intelligence Series contains 3 different videos that cover the understanding and demonstration of emotional intelligence as well as how it leads to optimal performance on the job. Host Daniel Goleman explains the science behind emotional intelligence and introduces scenarios that illustrate how improvements in the area of emotional intelligence impact employee well-being and overall organizational communication. The 3-part series is a perfect EI “how-to”course .

So, if you are noticing a dip in team productivity or an increase in emotional outbursts at your organization, the Emotional Intelligence Series, along with our overview video Emotional Intelligence, can help. Use them to fix common issues associated with negative emotions and to enable people to tap into the energy of positive emotions.

Visit CRM Learning for more training videos on interpersonal skills and other topics designed to increase productivity and create a better work environment. 

How The Groupthink Video Enables Groups To Make Better Decisions

April 30th, 2016

challengerWorking effectively in a group comprised of different people and personalities can be one of the hardest challenges in the workplace.  Team decision making, in particular, is often undermined by unproductive group dynamics.  CRM Learning’s classic training video, Groupthink, exposes one of the most common ways groups end up making bad decisions.

Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group’s decision makers appear to be in agreement on a course of action– when, in reality, some team members have doubts. It happens a lot in groups where the desire to seek unanimity (either stemming from a strong sense of “esprit de corps” or out of a perceived pressure to conform) prevent the group from critically examining the proposed action…in particular, failing to fully consider opposing viewpoints.

Identifying groupthink, and knowing how to avoid it, helps ensure effective decision making at all levels of the organization. And, that is what CRM Learning’s groupthink video is designed to do. It uses a reenactment of the Challenger disaster, along with other historic examples, to powerfully illustrate how well-intentioned people can make bad decisions, entirely or partly due to groupthink.

The Groupthink video enables viewers to answer the questions below and apply the video’s lessons to their own group decision making:

Why do group decisions sometimes result in monumental error?

What drives groups to agree on a course of action despite the better judgment of some, or even all, participants?

What specifically can groups (and group leaders in particular) do to encourage critical thinking and give full consideration to opposing points of view?

CRM Learning offers a number of outstanding training videos on teamwork and group dynamics.  Each video has multiple options for purchase including DVD, USB Flash Drive or online streaming.  Classroom training materials are provided with DVD/USB Flash Drive purchases and may be purchased as add-ons to online streaming.

Identifying and Using Team Members’ Strengths “Everest – Creating Greatness”

April 22nd, 2016

everestexpanded_1Team cohesion and effective leadership are every business’ dream. How do you cover both topics effectively in one training session?

“Everest- Creating Greatness” is one of CRM Learning’s best team leadership training programs. Featuring the work of Dr. Stephen Covey, the video package contains multiple video components and wraparound learning materials that enable facilitators to teach leaders how to inspire and empower others so that the team as a whole may create and sustain great results.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. This mentality is highlighted in the program’s core video, “Everest”, which documents the true story of blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer and the courageous team that guided him to the top of Mt. Everest. The video depicts how team members shared leadership and didn’t let egos get in the way. Each member believed the others had the competence and skill to succeed. Team members trusted one another despite the many potential perils involved with their climb. The team committed to helping Erik summit Mt. Everest ultimately succeeded because of great leadership and each team member’s commitment to preparation, teamwork, tenacity and goal achievement.

Other components of the Everest-Creating Greatness program introduce a “whole person paradigm” approach to leadership where leaders strive to increase team member engagement on a variety of levels. Trainees see how to recognize employees in their entirety (body, heart, mind and spirit), so that they can give employees opportunities to use their strengths.  This focus on true understanding builds a strong bond of trust between the leader and the employee.

CRM Learning offers numerous team building and leadership training videos. You can purchase training videos in various formats such as DVD or online streaming. Check out the training topics we offer and learn how we can help transform your business.

Why “Choose Your Attitude” is a Key Component of The FiSH! Philosophy

April 11th, 2016

CRM LearningImagine a workplace that is dedicated to enthusiasm, passion, excitement and great attitudes. The Pike Place Fish Market is just that! Positivity is a trait that radiates throughout the workplace and shines through employees, due in a large part to what they call their FiSH! Philosophy–one tenet of which is to “Choose Your Attitude”.  Choosing to have a positive attitude not only impacts the degree to which we will be happy doing what we’re doing, it also impacts the way co-workers and customers see and respond to us.

Can someone really “choose” their attitude?  The answer is yes, absolutely! Think of it like this: You’ve overslept… rushed out of the house… hit traffic on the way to work…and are now having trouble finding a parking spot. Rather than focusing on your predicament, you can shift your perspective to a positive one. If the store is so busy with customers that fewer parking sports are available, then the company is doing well and THAT means job security for you! Overcoming negative thoughts and shifting your perspective is what choosing your attitude is all about.

Think of the impact your attitude can have over another person. If you walk into a friend’s party and act aloof and guarded, the effect in the room is palpable–you transform the very essence of the party by flooding the room with negativity. Instead, you can choose your attitude, mingle a little, show that you are happy to be there, and make the experience a memorable one for your friends.

Can the FiSH Philosophy Help Any Organization Change Employees’ Perspective?

The “FiSH! Philosophy” (presented in the FiSH training video) has a proven track record of improving morale and inspiring employees in all types of industries to make the best of all situations simply by “choosing their attitude.” Through the example of people who’ve turned the job of selling smelly fish into a world-renowned customer service success story, viewers are encouraged to ask”  if they can do it, why can’t we?

Customer engagement and making a good impression build customer loyalty and a ensure a positive review of the business. Customers will always remember the way you make them feel, and the employees at Pike Place are always cognizant of this.

The FiSH! Video comes with a DVD, Leader’s Guide, sample Participant Workbook and more. Instill your employees with the fundamentals of the FiSH! Philosophy today, and see a more positive, encouraging workplace tomorrow.

How Customer Service Skills Training With Video Can Improve Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty

March 30th, 2016

hotel clerkCustomer service skills are invaluable in today’s workplace.  Organizations that hope to maximize customer retention and build brand loyalty are wise to train employees on everything from the basics of representing the company in a positive, professional manner to service recovery and handling irate customers.

Customer Service training videos can improve and strengthen your employees’ customer service skills while helping to ensure that customer satisfaction is addressed both with external and internal customers.  Here are 4 specific ways.

See it through their eyes.

In customer service training, it is critical for trainees to see a situation from the viewpoint of the customer. Remember Me provides this type of customer service training experience by showing the thoughtless ways one customer is treated by companies and suppliers he thought wanted his business. The video reveals that even though this customer doesn’t complain…he wins in the end because he tells others of his bad experiences. It reminds employees of the consequences of bad customer service and the benefits of leaving people with a positive impression of the company.

Be ready for anything.

Customer service is a broad training topic with many sub-categories and skillsbased solutions.  The Customer Service Toolkit provides 72 situation-specific video examples that organizations in any type of industry can use to create targeted training sessions. Covering 6 customer service training topic areas (Attitude, Communication, Problem Solving, Service Recovery, Supervising a Customer Service Department and Internal Customer Service) these short videos and video clips will assist you in addressing all of your customer service training needs.

Understand how to attract and keep customers.

The Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty is a complete competency-building course on the topic of customer loyalty. Containing several of CRM Learning’s most powerful customer satisfaction videos, along with helpful companion materials, this course takes groups (and/or individual learners) on a journey of the skills and attitudes required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty: (1)  Understand that satisfying customers time after time is the key to building customer loyalty. (2) Recognize the value of customers who do business with you and show your appreciation. (3) Handle upset customers in a productive, professional manner–do what you can to keep them from taking their business elsewhere.

Teach employees to work together.

Lastly, remember that internal customer service training is equally as beneficial as external training. Teaching employees to see their co-workers as “internal customers” builds a more cohesive unit with individuals working towards the same common goals. We’re on the Same Team, Remember? uses a compelling story to illustrate the importance of team communication, accountability and collaboration. It shows that when employees are responsible and accountable to one another, and when they commit together to satisfying external customers, the organization is more successful overall.

Customer service training videos can generally be purchased on DVD or Flash Drive, with corresponding workshop materials, for use in the classroom.  Or, they can be delivered online to the classroom or to individual workstations (for self-paced learning).  Video-based training offers great flexibility while also ensuring that all trainees see the same examples.  It is a terrific way to meet customer service training requirements and increase customer loyalty.


10 Important Management Training Topics to Improve Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

March 9th, 2016

Maggie_Chr_Alison_Step1Management and supervisory skills are essential in the workplace. There are many ways to improve effectiveness in this field. CRM Learning is proud to offer outstanding videos that cover key management and supervisory skills and competencies, including: what it means to be a respectful supervisor, how to interview, review performance and terminate, and how to make sure you are the kind of boss people want to work for.

The 10 management training topics below are guaranteed to help improve morale, efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Building Trust and Respect

Gaining the trust and respect of team members is crucial. The stronger the trust foundation you have, the more successful your management strategies will be. L.E.A.D. with Integrity and Leadership: What’s Trust Got to Do with It? are two training videos that teach specific things managers can do to build trust and respect.


Coaching is a proven tool for maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity. With the proper training, managers and supervisors see that coaching is all about taking an active role in employee performance, including recognizing what employees are doing well and addressing situations where an employee is falling short. The Practical Coach and Coaching and Counseling provide excellent information in this area.  

Communication Skills

When it comes to managerial success, the importance of communication can not be overstated. Managers must communicate regularly with employees, know how to give feedback constuctively and be able to listen effectively.  It’s also helpful to have communication skills that enable you to inspire and motivate others.  The video Communication Counts shows managers how to circumvent common communication blunders. Tell Me a Story shows how storytelling takes communication to a level where leaders are better able to connect with and energize employees.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is a reflection on management. Every employer wishes for a high employee retention rate, but even those with the best of intentions can unwittingly drive away good employees. Many factors come into play when it comes to engaging employees and making them feel valued; CRM Learning’s video The Respectful Supervisor: Motivating and Retaining Employees covers 5 of the most important.  Keeping the Good Ones is another excellent video on the topic.

Interviewing and Hiring

Interviewing and hiring is equally  difficult for both parties involved. In a management position, you are often faced with many great candidates, having to make decisions that are best for your company. Capability, commitment and chemistry and three important factors in the hiring process. The Three Dimensional Interview training video teaches management what to look for when interviewing potential employees.

Managing Meetings

Meetings are a useful method for gathering employee input and addressing topics that affect the entire team. But in order to be effective, meetings have to be well run.  The Invisible Meeting demonstrates how to stay on track and maintain productivity in meetings even when some or all of the team members are “attending” virtually.

Motivating and Encouraging Employees

Worker productivity and job satisfaction rise when people know their work makes a difference. Would I Inspire Me? gives leaders practical ways to motivate others and make employees’ work life more rewarding.  Included among the desired managerial behaviors are communicating the “why” behind what you are asking people to do and providing meaningful rewards and recognition when a job is done well.

Performance Improvement Appraisals

Discussing performance issues can be difficult for a manager. But, with the proper training, managers learn that there are positive ways to approach these discussions, even when the employee’s performance is not where it needs to be.  Keeping performance discussions positive and making employees responsible for improving their performance will produce the best results.  Positive Discipline demonstrates a highly effective 5-step process.

Project Planning and Delegating

Ensuring that all the work that needs to get done actually gets done is a big part of the manager’s job.  Managers need to know when and how to delegate, and be willing to hold people accountable for doing what they say they will do.  After All You’re the Supervisor shows how one new supervisor learns the importance of planning and delegating.

If you want to improve your management and train your employees effectively, CRM Learning has everything you need. Check out all of our topics for management and supervision.

3 Reasons CRM Learning Provides the Best Customer Service Training Videos on the Market

March 2nd, 2016
Customer Service Video

Providing excellent customer service is first and foremost for any business. The customer service training you provide, and the abilities your staff demonstrates day in and day out, are a reflection of your company. Training your employees in the art of customer service is critical and will help tremendously in the long run.  Customer service videos are– and have always been– a highly effective way to conduct this type of training.

Here are 3 Reasons CRM Learning Provides the Best Customer Service Training Videos:


CRM Learning has a 40+ year track record of success in this topic area! Our video,  Remember Me?  (originally released in 1983– now in its 3rd edition) was one of the first training videos ever  to capture what it feels like to be a loyal customer receiving bad service from a company you thought cared about you.  The most poignant part of the video is that it shows how customers often do not complain…but they do win in the end because they take their business elsewhere.   Our ground-breaking video, It’s a Dog’s World, provides the same message in a healthcare-specific environment.  Over the years, the success stories we’ve heard from customers who’ve trained with Remember Me and It’s a Dog’s World have compelled us to remain passionate about providing customer service training videos that are emotionally engaging, memorable and effective.    In addition to our own productions, we carry top-selling customer service videos from numerous other producers.

In-depth Topic Coverage

We get that customer service is a very broad topic. There are many competencies and skills that fall under the “customer service” umbrella.  Besides offering videos that make employees aware of the importance of satisfying customers, we offer videos that teach specific skills, like: solving customer problems, listening to the customer, making sure you maintain a positive attitude when serving customers, dealing with difficult customers, dealing with disappointed or angry customers,  communicating with diverse customers, and so on.

Product Knowledge

We know our stuff and we know that every organization has different needs when it comes to video training.  Because of that, we make sure we have offerings for all types of industries, different levels of service provider, and different video styles.  Working within your designated budget and delivery methods, we will find you the video best suited to the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Experience, Topic Coverage and Product Knowledge are three reasons CRM Learning provides the best customer service training videos on the market. Get started and find out how these videos can improve your company internally and externally.

3 Customer Service Videos that Help Improve Relationships with Customers

February 24th, 2016

When you run a business, getting (and keeping customers) is your number one priority. The relationships that you have with customers must be positive and mutually beneficial. Ensuring that your team has the skills necessary to build and maintain these types of customer relationships will increase the likelihood that customers keep coming back. Customer service videos are an effective way to build these skills. There are plenty of customer service videos available today–here are three that are sure to strengthen your team and maximize your relationships with customers.


3 Customer Service Videos that Will Improve Your Customer Relationships

The Customer Service Toolkit: This versatile video content library features dozens of short video clips on a variety of topics relevant to customer relations, including: attitude, problem solving, communication, service recovery, internal customer service, and managing a customer service department. You’ll find material to help you build a high performing customer support team while also developing the skill sets of individual front-line service providers.

WAYMISH: WAYMISH is an acronym for something many customers feel on a regular basis: Why Are You Making It So Hard… for me to give you my money?” This engaging video educates viewers on the most common mistakes that lead to customer frustration and lost sales. Employees learn what mistakes to avoid, how to develop skills that keep customers satisfied, and how to recover if a problem occurs. They are reminded to collaborate with co-workers when needed to find solutions to a customer’s problem. In a separate Supervisor Show segment, supervisors learn to set the right tone and to avoid setting policies that drive customers away.

Remember Me: It’s not always easy to see things from someone else’s point of view. Now in its 3rd edition, the classic video Remember Me tries to bridge this gap by showing what poor service looks like through the eyes of a beleaguered customer. In just 10 minutes, the video reveals that customers can forgive mistakes but not bad attitudes, that they’ll let others know about negative experiences, and that they’ll take their business elsewhere if not treated well. Employees are reminded that they let the customer, their team, and the entire organization down when they fail to deliver good service.  

Customer service videos are an ideal way to train your staff on what it takes to be a good customer service team player and how to keep customers satisfied. These three examples are just a few of many highly effective training resources available through CRM Learning. Take a look through our Customer Service/Sales topic section to find more great choices.

Recommended Training Resource
We’re on the Same Team, Remember?  This video is a great discussion starter when kicking off a customer retention initiative. It shows how numerous people in different departments disappoint a long-time customer…to the point where the customer ultimately cancels a large order and goes to a competitor.


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