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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

Archive for the ‘Training Success Stories’ Category

Training Success Story: CRM’s “Ethics 4 Everyone’’

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Ethics Training CoursesThe ROE Report Results: A recent “Return on Expectation” (ROE) study has shown that CRM Learning’s “Ethics for Everyone” video training program exceeds customer expectations nearly 100 percent of the time. Both individuals and organizations have rated their experience as “highly satisfactory” in an independently-conducted study.

About the Video: “Ethics 4 Everyone” combines real-world situations and practical advice for anyone confronted with ethical issues at work. The training program teaches participants to apply a quick “Ethical Action Test” to various situations – and the entire video runs only 15 minutes. A bonus segment for organizational leaders is also included. (more…)

Training Success Story: Leadership at Lunchtime

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Leadership Training CoursesThe Problem: A mid-sized community bank with 200 busy employees needed training that would inspire creative thinking about leadership, build strong teams, and be finished in the course of a two-hour lunch workshop.

The Solution: Provide a variety of CRM training videos that motivate and connect by showing real people in everyday work situations, including Teamwork in Crisis, Leaders of Character: Leadership – The West Point Way, and Taking Charge of Change. Customize each course to provide just the right amount of material necessary for a truly meaningful Lunchtime Learning session.

The Success Story: For some employees, combining a hard-earned lunch hour with a leadership lecture wasn’t initially palatable. But once the monthly Lunchtime Learning sessions started rolling, the voluntary classes filled quickly and latecomers were being turned away at the door. These segments are now very much looked forward to, combining reward and recognition with practical, memorable training ideas.

Initially, segments of videos were shown in order to fit the allotted time frame. As the popularity of lunchtime training grew, the bank expanded on some of the themes and took them company wide. For example, Taking Charge of Change was initially formatted for the Lunchtime Learning workshop and became the foundation resource for a longer training session for all bank employees. Using the Leader’s Guide as a backup to the lesson plan, the company was able to custom design programs that engaged employees at many levels.

In addition, training leaders report positive feedback from managers at all levels who have taken bits of the training, including the ice-breaker and skill set activities, to their own staff meetings and inter-departmental planning sessions.

One training leader praised CRM Learning video materials for providing rich content in a concise format, and said “I find these programs give our instructors an array of valuable topics to cover, with a minimal amount of preparation and development time.’’

Training Success Story – Positive Discipline

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Success in The WorkplaceThe Problem: A  healthcare facility with 3,300 employees was having a problem with “problem employees.” Supervisors needed powerful tools to provide more effective feedback and facilitate productive performance reviews, even when the going got tough.

The Solution: Positive Discipline— a workshop utilizing the CRM Learning video and accompanying materials –gave supervisors a solid foundation for formulating their own personalized, 30-day action plans for handling difficult situations and giving better performance evaluations.

The Success Story: Trainers wanted supervisors within the organization to be more confident in their abilities to conduct effective performance discussions and provide constructive discipline. The key was learning techniques to focus on the problem behaviors – not the personalities.

The hospital conducted 15 training sessions lasting three hours each. In the first phase, participants shared past stories of performance and discipline, and the characteristics of effective and not-so-effective feedback.

Then, the Positive Discipline video was shown. After a post-film debrief, each participant prepared for and conducted a performance discussion using techniques from the video. Finally, participants composed a 30-day action plan that detailed how each supervisor would put Positive Discipline techniques into action on the job. Students paired up with a buddy, who once the class was over and the 30-day plan enacted, would follow up to see how things were going.

“I’ve been involved in training for over 30 years and am very impressed with this film,’’ one training leader said. “It’s practical, up to date and very easy to follow. The accompanying role-playing activities make it easy for students to just ‘get it’ very quickly.’’

To learn more about Positive Discipline or watch the full program, visit: http://www.media-partners.com/performance_management/positive_discipline.htm

Training Success Story: 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Training Success in BusinessThe Problem:
A financial services company with 260 employees needed leaders who knew how to get the most from their teams, especially when so many were asked to do more with fewer people.

The Solution:
Managers, supervisors and the company’s process improvement committee took to heart the mindset-shifting message in CRM’s compelling video, 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask. The core concept? Managers don’t have all the answers, but they do need to ask the right questions to draw out peak performance from every member on their teams.

The Success Story:
Anyone who has ever managed a diverse team knows that it takes hard work to get every member to contribute, even when the chemistry is good. Many leaders at this company found 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask to be a valuable new way to approach the philosophy of leadership, especially when so many were feeling the heavy weight of added responsibility resting on their shoulders. (more…)

Training Success Story – Accountability

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

The Problem: Employees at the corporate headquarters of a premium fashion and home décor company loved to start creative projects, but weren’t the best at finishing them.

The Solution: Build accountability throughout the organization with Accountability That Works! training from CRM Learning.

Accountability TrainingThe Success Story: The Accountability That Works! program was a significant part of a top to bottom, company-wide focus on learning how to get things done. Managers received initial training from Versera Performance Consulting (a sister company to CRM Learning), and later, several internal employees were certified to teach the program. It’s now part of every new employee’s orientation and is also offered on the training calendar twice a year.

At first, trainers used the script directly from the Accountability That Works! Leaders Guide, but later modified training to include company-specific examples. Participant workbooks kept everyone focused, and the format was also broken up into shorter blocks. Leaders reported a significant positive shift in attitudes when it came to making and keeping commitments. Employees who received the Accountability That Works! training were more willing to take ownership of projects, learned how to create clear agreements up front, and were more likely to head off conflicts that could derail their goals. (more…)

Training Success Story – Leadership

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The Problem: A major aircraft, space exploration and defense weapons company needed a leadership lesson with Leadership Training Vidoesthe right stuff to make a lasting impression.

The Solution: Show them leadership isn’t just about what you do from 9 to 5 with Priorities for Life – Leadership training from CRM Learning.

The Success Story: Most of the 78,000 employees required to attend the company’s mandatory leadership class didn’t really like attending mandatory classes. They needed more than a training video – they needed a lasting, emotional connection to the material in order to carry lessons forward into daily life.

Priorities for Life: Leadership proved to be the perfect ending not just for this class, but for other leadership classes that were designed after the initial training.

Nothing special was needed to enhance the learning experience provided by this video. It was allowed to stand alone, tying together multiple perspectives and providing a moving final take-away. Between 25 and 40 people took part in each session, totaling nearly 50 sessions in all, and the video hit home every time. (more…)

Online Learning Success Story: Prison Fellowship Ministries Case Study

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Problem:  How can you start an on-line learning environment without spending thousands on a Learning Management System and increasing your staff to manage the e-Learning function?

Solution:  CRM Learning!

Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) is a small non-profit organization (300 employees) with staff located across the United States.  Ongoing leadership & staff development are issues in PFM’s performance management process, but the costs associated with producing customized e-Learning programs and purchasing an LMS have made it difficult for them to move forward with a technology-based solution.

PFM’s collaboration with CRM Learning and its products enables them to train employees on every topic imaginable and keep track of the training using the LMS component of CRM Learning’s Hosted Online Training System. (more…)

Training Success Story: Hosted Online Training, Ready When You Are

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The Problem:
A multifaceted manufacturing company with over 900 employees needed on-demand training that was ready to go when its supervisory staff was ready to learn. Outdated videocassettes, sent via interoffice mail, just weren’t doing the job – and they took forever to arrive!

The Solution:
The company’s three core divisions manufactured products ranging from high-tech electronics to precision agricultural tools. Each workgroup had different needs. The diversity of CRM’s online training offerings fit the bill for everyone. The CRM videos chosen included A Leader’s Guide to Delegating, Positive Discipline, and After All, You’re the Supervisor.

The Success Story:
Self-Study Manuals were created for supervisors within the various work groups. These Manuals provided information and post-tests that wrapped around the designated CRM Learning videos, which trainees viewed online via CRM Learning’s Hosted Online Training System. After viewing the videos, supervisors met one-on-one with a representative from HR to discuss the material and confirm learning retention.  Trainees were able to keep the Manuals for future reference.

Supervisors had up to four months to complete the program. The company’s existing intranet system tracked each trainee’s progress.

Because CRM’s Hosted Online Training System allowed people to log on from work or home, trainees were able to watch what they wanted, when they wanted to. This helped trainees feel in control of their schedules and that the training was not cutting into their productivity.

CRM Learning was able to provide three of the four videos needed for this supervisory training program from its library. For the fourth video, CRM intervened and contracted with a second provider so that the client company only had to deal with one vendor. The client declared “That’s awesome!,” and was delighted with the relationship they built with the CRM representative, saying, “They really work well with me and our type of company.’’

Learn more about CRM’s Hosted Online Training System and watch a free demo: http://www.crmlearning.com/onlinetraining/

Training Success Story: Teamwork in Crisis!

Monday, July 21st, 2008

The Problem: A manufacturing and sales company with five U.S. plants and 1,000 employees had one big problem – a major communication barrier between plant management and production-line teams. Productivity was low, defects were high, and both sides were in denial.

The Solution: This company needed a riveting, mindset-changing, do-or-die example of great teamwork in action. No tepid teamwork training video would do. CRM Learning’s dramatic, true story, Teamwork in Crisis: The Miracle of Flight 232 was right on the money.

The Success Story: Plant managers and front-line teams together attended training events at each location, which began with the Teamwork in Crisis video and progressed to open, honest and sometimes difficult dialog about the obstacles that stood in the way of success.

But the preparation for these events actually took place several weeks before, when management met with production line supervisors for frank dialog on what was needed to improve efficiency and quality. Both sides felt this advance work was absolutely critical to build the trust necessary to make the company-wide training events meaningful.

On the day of training, after participants watched the Teamwork in Crisis video, the discussion turned to the unique situations at each plant. Facilitators wrote their own training plan around real-world facts. Plant management and production leaders recognized and admitted that a problem existed, showing that management had bought in to breaking down walls.

And most important: In order to facilitate open discussion, managers were asked to leave the room so front-line employees could be honest about their assessments of product quality and productivity, including their own.

Facilitators took notes, brought the problems, ideas and solutions back to plant managers, who in turn went to the shop floor to begin implementing ideas they were able to. The physical results from training were fast and obvious. Improvements, cooperation and communication flourished, and team members felt that their ideas were heard and acted upon.

Most important, team morale improved immeasurably and pride of workmanship became standard operating procedure. From a defective material rate averaging around 6 percent a day, defects shrank to under 2 percent – a number that has been sustained for the past six years!

The company reports that Teamwork in Crisis was partly responsible for the company’s own miracle turnaround. A company spokesman says: “Training videos provide a dimension to our learning events that we would otherwise have not had. The many films we have purchased over the years have provided inspiration, laughter (and some tears), and improvement to our everyday work lives.”

Watch a free full length preview of Teamwork in Crisis:


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