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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

The Top 3 Secrets of Successful Teams

Organizations and managers are on a perpetual quest to discover the best ways to maximize their teams’ effectiveness. Below, we share our top 3 secrets of successful teams. All 3 “secrets” begin with teamwork training – a key way to bring teams together, build trust, learn important team building techniques, and develop a common language for discussing teamwork. And for all 3 secrets, we suggest team building videos that will help you get there.

3 Secrets of Successful Teams

1)      Successful teams operate from an accountability mindset and seek clarity around tasks and communication. An accountability mindset is a framework for viewing all tasks, meetings and conversations: it’s how you think about accepting assignments with full ownership, how you take action to complete tasks – despite any obstacles – and how you think about accepting the results of your actions – not as a victim, but as someone who owns their results, good or bad.    positive-workplace-manufacturing260

Seeking clarity around tasks and communication is also vital to an accountable, successful team and includes steps like figuring out who is doing what by when on each to-do, and using that information to craft clear agreements for all team tasks.

Team building video #1: Accountability that Works helps individuals and teams get more accomplished correctly and on time. With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program reveals an approach to accountability that improves team and organizational performance.

2)      Successful teams welcome diversity, especially in terms of different team participation styles and team player personalities. Team leaders and members understand that there is great strength and creativity in having diverse ideas, personalities and communication styles on a team. With all that diversity also comes the potential for conflict, of course, but teamwork training can help any team learn to value the participation styles of others while teaching how to use our own styles and personalities to the maximum advantage of the team – all with respect, clear communication and collaboration.

Team building video #2: Team Building: What Makes a Good Team Player features best-selling author and team building expert Glenn Parker showing how to leverage the unique strengths of different personality types and work through the kinds of conflict that prevent high performance. Manufacturing, Government, and Healthcare versions of this program are also available.

3)      Successful teams create an environment where people can give their honest opinion and where plans and ideas can be challenged. When open feedback and constructive conflict are stifled and discouraged in groups, decisions go unchecked, and disaster can occur. Groups that are successful know that encouraging diverse input, being able to challenge assumptions or decisions, and having the freedom to speak up are vital to good decision-making and strong team morale. Teamwork training can help any group learn to create a team culture where input is valued and group members’ ideas (and even disagreements) are actively sought out.

Team building video #3: The Abilene Paradox depicts individuals who support plans they really don’t believe in — leading groups to meaningless, costly outcomes. This best-selling, classic training program has helped thousands of organizations increase profits and productivity by helping teams make better group decisions.

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