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Value of Time,

Meeting Opener or Closer

One second of time can seem insignificant when you think of how many there are in a day. But imagine you are a runner who has just lost a race by a millisecond. How much more value does that same second have? This thought-provoking video helps us see time differently so we are less likely to waste it.

  • Depicts the value of a moment
  • Helps people gain perspective
  • Encourages employees to find a work/life balance
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Value of Time, Meeting Opener or Closer

Run time: 2.5 Minutes

In today's ever-changing and hectic workplace, people are constantly wishing that they had "more time" to get things done. Yet, they don't stop to think about the value of each and every moment they already have. (Perhaps if they did, they wouldn't waste so many of them.)

This brief and persuasive meeting opener or closer, purely and simply characterizes just that... the inherent value of each increment of time and the fact that it is our responsibility to make the most out of every day.

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Praise for The Value of Time:

"This short video touches on the realization that the Value of Time is the value of Life. I have used it as part of numerous retreats, communications workshops, and seminars and it never fails to move people and ground them in the present, the here and now. This is a moving video that brings home to the heart, how valuable a moment or a year is when seen from a different perspective and viewpoint."
-Austin "Ozzie" Gontang, Ph.D.
-Vistage Group Chair and Philosopher
-San Diego, CA

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