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How to Build a High-Performing Team

One day, your team is clicking and productivity is high. Another day, conflict is brewing, or people are just going through the motions. Even the best managers face challenges as they try to navigate the natural stages of a team. Whether your team is strong or troubled, this series of 7 short videos will help you assess your team’s strengths and needs and bring performance to a higher level.

  • Equips managers with proven team building skills
  • Improves team morale and communication
  • Heightens team and organizational performance

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Includes sample pages from the leader's guide and participant materials.

MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Build a High-Performing Team

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Employees bring their individual strengths to a team. They also bring unique perspectives, values, beliefs, generational differences, and personalities. Ensuring that managers can bring out the best in everyone, and utilize team strengths for the common good of the team and the organization, is what building a high-performing team is all about.

MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Build a High-Performing Team delivers short blasts of practical wisdom to help managers understand the natural stages of a team and what they can do to take their team to a higher level. Related topics are grouped into bite-sized programs. Realistic team scenarios are combined with host narrative that reinforces the learning takeaways.


~ How to Assess Team Strengths and Needs (7:15 minutes) -- Is your team strong? Or, is it troubled, stalled, or simply going through the motions? How do you know? This module uses the characteristics of a high-performing team to help managers assess team strengths and needs—the first step toward building a high-performing team.

~ How to Build Team Unity (6:40 minutes) -- In addition to being of great benefit to the organization, a unified team provides employees with some of their most basic emotional needs: the need to Achieve, the need to Belong, and the need to Contribute. This module shows you how to maintain a balance of these ABCs and build team unity.

~ How to Diagnose Team Problems (7:33 minutes) -- Is your team in a slump? Is there a lack of energy or enthusiasm? Team problems can wreak havoc on morale and productivity, but they aren’t always easy to identify. From management missteps to problem employees (like the Complainer, the Lone Ranger, and the Steamroller), this module describes 2 common types of team problems and offers practical advice for handling them.

~ How to Improve Team Communication (6:40 minutes) -- How do you share bad news with your team? How do you communicate good news…or a change in the company’s vision? Communicating well is the key to any strong relationship and your team is no different. This module provides practical advice on three critical areas of communication that managers must focus on to build a high-performing team.

~ How to Mediate a Dispute (7:30 minutes) -- Every once in a while, conflict erupts on a team and employees are unable to resolve it satisfactorily without their manager’s help. No one likes conflict and the idea of getting in the middle of an emotionally charged dispute can cause some trepidation. This module provides tips on how to guide team members to an acceptable resolution as they work through the conflict on their own.

~ How to Restore Team Unity (7:35 minutes) -- Are your team members out of synch? Is morale slipping? Are cliques forming? This module explains what to do when team unity falters, helps you assess what’s causing the problem, and identifies ways to restore the ABCs of a unified team so you can get your team back on track.

~ Understanding the Stages of a Team (6:33 minutes) -- If your team is currently high performing, it may not stay that way. Teams are always in flux. They naturally go in and out of certain stages depending on varying circumstances. So, what can you do to manage the developmental stages of your team? The first step is to understand the influences that impact teams and the natural stages — forming, storming, norming, and performing — that result.

MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Build a High-Performing Team is perfect as a Self-Study; or managers can find a colleague and go through the modules together as part of a Peer-to-Peer training experience. The videos are also suitable for group training.The 7 short, insightful videos, along with reproducible job aids, enable managers to take their team to new heights.

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  • chaptered DVD with all 7 modules: How to Assess Team Strengths, How to Build Team Unity, How to Diagnose Team Problems, How to Improve Team Communication, How to Mediate a Dispute, How to Restore Team Unity, Understanding the Stages of a Team
  • CD-Rom with Leader's Guide, reproducible Team Assessment Sheet, Manager Tally Sheet, 24x36 High Performing Teams Poster


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