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FiSH! For Leaders

A 6 Program Series

A leader's greatest influence is not power or charisma. It's the example they set for the people they lead and the relationships they build with them. A leader is more powerful than any words they'll ever speak. When applying the FiSH! Philosophy to life and work, they become a "living" invitation for their staff to create an alive and engaged work culture. The effective leader asks: "How can my relationships with others encourage them to grow in self-confidence, passion, skill and clarity of purpose?"

  • Shows leaders how they can assess their leadership style
  • Helps leaders develop staff by building trust and commitment
  • Improves organizational productivity by unleashing team creativity

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  • Sample Training Guide
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FiSH! For Leaders

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From the creators of the FISH! Philosophy, this new series of six programs is for anyone -- from business owners to frontline supervisors -- who wants to lead more effectively. It will help your leaders to:
  • Build the trust that helps teams be more productive and adapt quickly to change.
  • Listen and communicate better.
  • Embody the attitudes and values you want to see in your organization or team.
  • Remove fear and inspire people to be their best for customers, for each other and for the organization.

The FISH! For Leaders Series includes six programs. Each individual program, including video and support materials, helps leaders with a different aspect of their role and their relationships with their team members and employees. Use any combination of these proven programs to create the leadership training that best meets your needs.

The six individual programs that make up the series are:
  • It Starts With Me - You set the tone. The secret to effective leadership is not in just telling people what to do, but inspiring them to achieve it through your example. (9 minutes)
  • Be There - Being there isn't a skill, it's a commitment. You can’t lead without trust, and you build trust by being there when people need you. (9 minutes)
  • Play - Play is more than an activity. It’s an attitude of enthusiasm and creativity. To get it, you must nurture a culture full of trust and free of fear. (9 minutes)
  • Make Their Day - One of the best ways to make someone’s day (or month, or year) is to show them how much you appreciate them. (7 minutes)
  • Choose Your Attitude - Your attitude has a powerful effect on the people you lead. What impact do you want to have on them and their success? (8 minutes)
  • Who Are You Being? - Great leaders know what they stand for, recommit to it every day and ask others to help them be who they say they want to be. (7 minutes)

Each program offers simple options to choose from, to fit the time available and training structure. For those who want to make it a personal development component, there is a participant workbook available for each program that will help individuals follow along and reflect on what they're learning.

Consultants: Per the producer's request, you may only purchase FiSH! programs for employee training within your own organization. For more information, please call us at 1-800-421-0833.

A Charthouse Learning Title


  • 6 DVDs
  • 1 sample copy of the Participant Workbook for each module
  • Downloadable Facilitator's Guide, Assessment Tool and PowerPoint Presentation for each program

Purchase Options: Individual programs fom the series can be purchased for $249 each. Additional Participant Workbooks are available for each individual program at $8.50 each. Contact CRM Learning at 1-800-421-0833 to place your order for anything less than the entire series, and workbooks.

Please Note: Only K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities are eligible for an education discount. Only qualified charitable 501(c)3 Non-Profits are eligible for a non-profit discount. Federal, State and Local Government agencies and departments are eligible for a Government discount. Your Sales Consultant will apply the eligible discount when they process your order.


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